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Newest Email Hack: Know Before You Click

Posted by Layer 9 on Jun 6, 2018 2:48:00 PM

We’re back again this week to inform you of a nasty email hack that we have seen pop up several times over the past few weeks with multiple clients.Click here to listen to hear from Troy on what we are seeing and how you can protect your end users.

What to look for:

The email hack has come in the form of an email from Microsoft explaining that your account has expired or has been compromised. It then asks you to follow a link to reset your password.

What it is actually doing is stealing your email password and gaining access to your inbox, now having your email identity it is not only taking your data – but sending emails as you to your contacts and attempting to gain information from them as well.

Unfortunately this is the battle we are fighting these days to ensure our clients data is protected. We are putting policies in place to help prevent these attacks, but ultimately the end user is the weak link.

That’s why we believe that proper training is essential. We are lunching a campaign where we will send out quarterly “test-scams” to your end users, we can then see who is clicking on these links and can better train the specific user. On top of this, we will come in annually and conduct a lunch training session with your entire office on not only email security but end-user security in general.

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